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My fav designer is getting it in with everyone. Mr. Lagerfeld has been teaming up with a slew of designers to make himself a brand that is separate from Chanel. I’m uber excite to see what this collection will look like.

via BrandFiend

Louie V has some good tricks this Fall. I think I’m leaning more and more his way. But I could never forsake Gucci and Chanel. Silly me for trying to be LOYAL to 1 designer.


Man, these are a concept but I hope these are a work in progress.


Via highsnobette

I did a previous post about Han-Cholo & Love Made’s remarkable ear pieces and yet again we have been graced with another piece called “The Cold Hearted Snake.”lvmd_snake_ros-11-360x540It is available in rose gold, gold, silver, and gunmetal/gold for $70, here.

….Or at least her stylist is. LOL

jones-gloves3-381x540Dominic Jones leather gloves with gold nails attached.

These also come in red.

Via Highsnobette

These are stupid hot but I’m dyingto know how these are suppose to fit around your nose.